Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Evolution of the Fighter in D&D - 5e Take 2

There were some serious changes to the fighter class in the latest (3/20) D&D Next playtest package, so time for more testing. Due to rule changes, the fighter's stats have changed a bit- not as strong, but more hitpoints and a higher AC. So here's my generic human fighter now:

Human Fighter
Str- 16
Dex- 14
Con- 16
Int- 11
Wis- 13
Cha- 9

HP- 14
AC- 18 (chain mail + shield)
Feats: Weapon Mastery, Toughness

long sword +4 to hit/ +3 to damage

The Tests

The tests were run in a javascript program that simulates combat between the above fighter and a standard goblin until one of them dies. The Goblin's Bushwacker ability was taken into account (gives the goblin advantage on the first round if he has won initiative). Critical hits and the fighter's Expertise Dice (to parry the first two times he would have been hit) were also used. The test combats were run 100,000 times to produce a good average.

The fighter fights a series of infinite goblins, one at a time, until he dies. How many goblins can he kill before he succumbs to wounds? Here are the results-

The fighter is now a lot less powerful than he was in the last packet. The loss of the Martial Damage Dice makes him more apt to be worn down by single opponents like he faces in this test. The power level looks to be much more in line with earlier editions now.