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Group Stat Rolling

I ran the numbers on a lot of different stat rolling methods a few months ago but since then I've thought of a new way that should be very balanced and involve the whole group.  Everyone roll up 6 stats (using your preferred method) and combine all the rolls in one list.   Example-

player 1 rolls- 12 15 16 14 13 11
player 2 rolls- 17 14 14 9 14 15
player 3 rolls- 12 14 9 13 18 14
player 4 rolls- 15 8 8 11 6 11

12 15 16 14 13 11 17 14 14 9 14 15 12 14 9 13 18 14 15 8 8 11 6 11

Now players take turns selecting the stats for their pc from the list.  Who goes first?  Roll init for it or go with whoever had the highest stat roll.  In this case, player 3 goes first because he rolled an 18.  Now the trick to this is that the stats picked have to be in order and the same exact 6 numbers can't be picked twice.  So considering everyone wants that juicy 18, they might pick stats like this-

player 1 picks- 18 14 15 8 8 11 fighter
player 2 picks- 13 18 14 15 8 8 rogue
player 3 picks-…

System neutral D&D products I'd like to see

In the run up to D&D 5th edition (or whatever they decide to call it), WotC will undoubtedly publish some system neutral products that they can try to make money with as 4e winds down. They've already announced a book of Ed Greenwood's original campaign notes for the Forgotten Realms which should be systemless. Here's some other similar products I'd like to see them come out with.

The Grand History of Greyhawk - just like the book they did for FR.  It would be a detailed timeline of Greyhawk's past together with designer notes and art from past products. The Greyhawk Atlas - again copying from a FR product.  A detailed atlas of the lands of Greyhawk with high quality, very detailed maps.Hey, why they're at it, just republish the FR history and atlas books too. Dungeon Mastering Wisdom - a collection of the very best articles on dungeon mastering from the entire run of Dragon magazine. If it's too much for one book, break it into several - Handling Play…