Saturday, September 3, 2011

Your Character is Not a Special Snowflake

How special is your average D&D player character? Obviously above average, but what exactly does that mean? Is he or she one in a million? One in a thousand? I decided to put it to the test and find out.

I wrote up a quick and simple program that randomly rolled (3d6) sets of stats which would compare them all and decide which one had the highest stats for a certain number of characters rolled. I then figured out the average point buy value for them by D&D 4e rules to see where that would put them.

So, how special is your average character? The highest level test I ran was for 1 million pc's. The one in a million pc was a whopping 50 point buy character. What does a one in a million character look like? Here's one picked at random- 13 17 16 14 15 17. Pretty nice stats, eh?

Ok, so my character isn't one in a million. He's still pretty special, right? Well, not really. I ran tests for a hundred thousand, ten thousand, a thousand, even one in a hundred; and they were all too high in point value. I found that your average 22 point 4e character is more like one in fifty. So in a small city of 5,000, there's around 100 people in it with stats as good or better than you.