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Gen Con 2011

Another Gen Con is over and I had an even better time than I had last year. Above is a pic of my youngest daughter and me in front of the Privateer Press booth in the dealer area. You can see the rest of my photos here. Most of them are of cool stuff I saw in the minis area.Due to some schedule conflicts and some change of interest, I ended up making a lot of changes to my registered events. I played two Flames of War games, Spacehulk, Wings of War, Munchkin Quest, and a Pathfinder delve game. I also got in some short demos of the new Legend of Drizzt game and the Lego Heroica game.
The Good Flames of War was so fun that I went back for a second game and was lucky enough to get a spot. The games were put on by the local gaming group Able Kompanie. They were very friendly and knowledgeable about FoW and had some great terrain and minis that really showcased the game in the best possible way. I picked up the Open Fire starter set and have resigned myself to spending too much money…