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Stat Rolling and Power Level

I greatly prefer rolling up characters rather than using point buy systems or standardized arrays, but I still want characters to be reasonably balanced amongst themselves and against the opposition they will face. Many games like D&D and Pathfinder provide power level guidelines for use with point buying but don't offer much in the way of help when rolling dice for stats. So I whipped up a program to help me see how different stat rolling methods ranked in terms of power level.I used every dice rolling method I could think of that just used straight dice rolling or just dice plus or minus a set number. For power level comparisons, I used the point buy system and power levels given in Pathfinder. I did add two new levels to what they have- Gritty Fantasy (~5 points) and Super Hero Fantasy (~30 points).Hopefully, the Methods are self explanatory. The Ranges are the limits of scores possible. The Avg. Stat is the mean score you would expect to roll. The Deviation is the st…

PathFinder Point Buy Calculator

Figure out the point buy value of your character for the Pathfinder role playing game with this calculator.STR7891011121314151617180 Points0 DEX7891011121314151617180 CON7891011121314151617180 INT7891011121314151617180 WIS7891011121314151617180 CHA7891011121314151617180