Monday, May 2, 2011

Going to Gencon

I registered for Gencon yesterday and survived the rush of event registration. I like to try out new games at conventions so pretty much everything I signed up for is new to me. Here's my schedule:

Flames of War - The Battle for StalingradThu 2 PM
TalismanThu 9 PM
HackMaster - Not More Caves!Fri 8 AM
Space Hulk: Lost Hope Fri 1 PM
Knights of the Dinner Live ReadingFri 6 PM
Savage Worlds - Temple of the BeastmenSat 9 AM
Legends of Anglerre - Dreams on Dragon IslandSat 4 PM
Munchkin QuestSat 8 PM
Monsterpocalypse How to Train Your MonsterSun 10 AM

I hope to see you there!