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Dice Probabilities in Savage Worlds

The odds in Savage Worlds are a little hard to decipher at first. This is mainly due to the fact that die rolls can "Ace". An Ace occurs when you roll the maximum number for that die type. When this happens you keep on rolling and total up the sums of all the rolls. For example, if you are roll a 6 on a d6, you get to roll again and total both rolls (if you happened to roll another 6, you can keep on rolling). To make this even more complicated, Wild Cards (pc's and powerful npc's) get to roll a "Wild Die" along with their Trait die and pick the best roll. This is almost always a d6. Extra's (most npc's and monsters) do not get to roll a Wild Die. This leads to some weird probabilities that you would not normally consider to be correct. Take a look at the tables below and you can see where the strange spots are. They usually occur where the maximum normal roll for a die type is. An example of this is that it is easier to hit a Target Number of 1…

What are those wandering monsters up to?

Roll 2d6. 2Returning to lair to heal up after a fight. (reduce hit points)3Fighting with another creature. (roll up another monster)4Returning to lair with prisoner. (roll up a prisoner)5Returning to lair with treasure. (roll treasure as if they were in their lair)6Just passing by on the way to somewhere else. (not looking for a fight, roll for reaction)7Defending territory. (warparty looking for invaders)8Hunting for food. (quiet, wary, and hard to surprise)9Chasing after another creature. (roll up another, weaker monster)10Running away from another creature. (roll up another, nastier monster)11Building new lair. (digging a hole, setting up camp, making a lot of noise)12Groggy from too much partying and looking for a place to sleep it off. (easy to surprise)