Sunday, March 13, 2011

WFRP - One Roll Combat

Combat in WFRP uses a fairly easy system, but the number of die rolls and table look-ups can get rather tedious at times. For a successful hit there are 2 die rolls (roll to hit, roll damage) and you have to look up the hit location on a table. That's not so bad, but for a critical hit there are 3 rolls and 3 tables to consult. Add in the math necessary for figuring actual damage by subtracting the target's toughness and armor and it all gets a bit much to handle for 6 pcs and 8 beastmen late at night.

Yeah, I know its still way simpler than <insert complicated game here>, but I'm stupid and I like simple. So here's what I came up with- combat that is resolved with 1 die roll and 2 tables max. And one table is so simple that its easily memorized. Here's how-

Step 1: Roll <= WS to hit target on d100. (as per normal rules)

Example- a pc with a WS of 35 rolls a 24 on a d100 and hits.

Step 2: Find location of hit by comparing the second digit of the to-hit roll with the table below-

0 - arm
1 - arm
2 - arm
3 - leg
4 - leg
5 - body
6 - body
7 - body
8 - body
9 - head

Example- the to-hit roll was 24. The second digit is 4, so the pc hits his target in the leg. (which leg is up to the gm or random roll)

Step 3: Damage = (sum of to-hit roll digits + weapon damage) - (target toughness + armor on location). Note: When adding the digits of the to-hit roll, a 0 is always treated as 0 - not 10.

Example- the pc has a SB of 3 and a hand weapon. The target has a TB of 3 and leather jack (1 armor on arms and body). The to-hit roll was 24. Damage done is 2 + 4(add the to-hit roll digits) + 3(SB) = 9. 9 - 3(TB) - 0(no armor on the legs) = 6 total damage.

Step 4: If the damage results in a Critical, the critical level = damage - target's remaining W. Consult the Critical Hit table for effect.

Example- the target only has 2W left and takes 6 damage to the leg. 6 - 2 results in a level 4 critical to the leg.

Rule changes-
Ulric's Fury does not happen with this system. All Impact weapons get +2 to damage instead of getting the better roll of an extra d10.

There are two bonuses of using this system besides being easier and faster. First off, damage potential increases with skill. The average damage done with a WS of 35 is 5.6, but a WS of 60 pushes the average damage up to 7. Any action that increases your WS (Aim, Charge, attacking an unaware target, etc..) will also increase your average damage.

The second bonus is that hit location is linked to the amount of damage done. Now getting hit in the head always means taking a lot of damage which seems a lot more realistic than the system in the rules. No more hitting a goblin repeatedly in the head with your battleaxe only to give it a headache.

I've run this system in a couple of game sessions and it has worked pretty well. If you give it a try with your group, let me know how it turned out.