Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear - Russia 1941-42

Conflict of Heroes is a tactical, squad-level wargame by Uwe Eickert. I've played a couple of solo games with it so far and I think I may have finally found my replacement for Squad Leader. First off, this game is very pretty with its glossy, full color rulebooks and cards; big, thick cardboard counters; and beautiful mounted map boards. It sets up quickly due to small unit counts and plays just as quick with players alternating turns with the ability to react to each other moves as well. CoH's rules are well polished and the gameplay just feels right. It does a marvelous job of balancing simulation with game without being overly complicated (ASL) or too abstract (Memoir '44). I'm hooked, now I just have to find somebody to play it with me.